Who should not get colonics?

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So as you may have already surmised.  Colonics are infinitely beneficial to one’s health for a myriad of reasons.  While this simple treatment is beneficial and very rarely causes any ill side effects among clients, there are certain people that should proceed with caution when considering colon hydrotherapy.

For these people I would generally recommend waiting and working on their diet to improve their condition before even bothering to do a colonic.  I would like to go through these general conditions and explain why one should avoid colon hydrotherapy since these conditions would cause the treatment to be counter productive.

Early Pregnancy: As a practitioner I would never feel comfortable giving a client their first colonic during the first trimester of pregnancy.

This is because the downward pelvic muscular contraction that is induced by the colonic is very similar to labor, which can cause a miscarriage. While this is rare I see no reason to take unnecessary risks.

The time of pregnancy is meant to be a time of rest and accumulation, not of cleansing and regeneration. Therefore, cleansing can take a back seat during this time.

In emergency situations a colonic will not effect a fetus after the 5th month.

Morbid obesity in combination with heart disease: When someone is morbidly obese the extra weight they carry places their vital organs under an enormous amount of pressure, which puts them at risk on a day to day basis.

This pressure weakens and wears out the organs and in extreme cases can cause rupture.  Think of a balloon that has been filled to capacity.  Eventually the walls of the balloon weaken and break due to the internal pressure placed on them from the inside out.

The human body functions more or less in the same exact way.  Therefore, one would not want to place extra internal pressure into the body through the water.

In one case there is so much dryness and pressure within the intestine already that there is no room for the water to even enter the colon.  This makes the colonic uncomfortable and unproductive for the client.

Second of all. If a client is suffering from heart disease and from obesity, the extra pressure can cause the heart to spasm, triggering a heart attack.

Again these things rarely happen, but precaution should be taken.  I have performed 1000’s of treatments and never had a strong negative reaction.

Kidney Disease: This is perhaps the most dangerous condition in which to give someone a colonic who shouldn’t have one. During a colonic we introduce up to 40 gallons of water into the intestine.  Up to 2 quarts of this water can be absorbed by the body through the intestinal wall during the procedure.

In all technicality this is actually a good thing.  Not only does it re-hydrate the body with perfectly clean purified water, but it also helps to further clean the blood  and relieve dehydration.   Including more water into the body via fruits, vegetables, and drinking is always healthful.

Unless the body in question cannot process and “offload” this water.  In this case the client can develop edema and tax the kidneys too much.  It can be hard for people on dialysis to adopt a healthful hydrating diet because their body’s simply cannot cope with the water.

Hopefully these people can strengthen themselves and return to a healthy diet.  Because while a low hydration diet may keep them out of the red in the short term.  Ultimately, it will most likely cause other serious conditions down the line.

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