Vegan Thai Coconut Milk Shake

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Thai Coconut Milkshake

Sometimes the best recipes are barely even complex enough to bestow the title, “recipe” upon it.

This is the exact case with the smoothie I’m happy to share with you today.  While it is completely clean, raw, vegan and detoxifying – it is sweet and delicious to the point that it will fool you into thinking you are drinking a traditional vanilla milk shake.

Young Thai coconuts are known for their incredible flavor and life saving benefits.  Coconut water is identical to our blood plasma, making it perfect for the human body.  Soldiers used coconut water as IV drips during World War 2!

While I can talk about this recipe all day, this is one of those that is much better experienced for yourself.  So grab yourself a coconut, a big knife, a blender and just get to it.

Please also check out my video I made showing you how to quickly open up your Young Thai Coconuts without any special equipment.  Normally, a Coco jack or a meat cleaver would be needed, but in my video I show you how to do it with a simple knife.

Watch this video to learn how to open a young Thai coconut without any special equipment.


Thai Coconut Milk Shake

Vegan Milk Shake


  • 2 Thai Coconuts, opened with water and meat separated
  • 1 Pinch Sea salt


  1. Combine meat and water from coconuts into a high speed blender with the salt and emulsify until completely smooth.


The meat within the coconuts can vary in thickness. Some are very fleshy and make a great shake. Others may have a thinner lining of meat, which leads to a more watery shake. If this is the case with your coconuts, then use 2 of the meats for the water of only one coconut to counter balance this ratio.

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