Colonics (H2O Flow)

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H20:Flow East and West / Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions

Prior to going to the Natural Gourmet Institute and starting Eating Works I worked exclusively as a Colon Hypnotherapist at my practice H20:Flow.  I will always dedicate time to work with clients through colonics.

I believe that it is an integral part of the work that I do as a healer and is one of the most overlooked and beneficial types of therapy.

I see clients out of two locations, H20:Flow East and West.  H20:Flow East is located in Park Slope where I work with Wellah Farzan a very accomplished and wonderful therapist in her own right.

My other office H20:Flow West is located in the scenic Short Hills, NJ.

If you are interested in seeing me or Wellah for Colon Hydrotherapy, or are simply curious and want to get more information, then please take a look at my practice website located at .

You can check out our review page on Yelp by Clicking This Link.

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